Bubble Deflate to continue?

There’s a growing consensus among economic and financial experts on the rate at which the real estate bubble will deflate. It will be a slow leak, they say. But the reality is far more chilling.
Last month, former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan said, “The worst may well be over.” But the “worst” is a frightening picture: Median prices for home sales have fallen sharply year-over-year, for two straight months, according to National Association of Realtors.

Ask me what the real estate story is in Charlottesville!


2 Responses to Bubble Deflate to continue?

  1. emory says:

    so Charles… what is the real estate story in Charlottesville?

    There are four lots for sale in the Woolen Mills on Franklin ST, being sold as a unit, r1S lots. What would be a good offer in the prevailing market?

  2. Charles McDonald says:

    The real story of the Charlottesville Market is that it is a great time to be a buyer. There are a lot of deals to be had and to make.

    On the Franklin St property, it is listed at 295K with a 4 lot division. Not a bad price.

    As a buyers agent, I am always looking to make a deal for my clients. I would not discuss a specific price on a Blog, however as with any properties, look at te comps, take into consideration the market and this property has a couple unique characteristics to consider.

    Best of luck with it!

    If you are serious and would like to move further with it, please drop me a personal email at Charles@MyCharlottesvilleAGENT.com and also visit my site at http://www.MyCharlottesvilleAGENT.com.

    best regards

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