Top 10 Cities for Young Retirees

Those who plan to retire young, Money Magazine believes population growth, cost of living, economic potential, and plenty of recreation opportunities should be important factors in their choice of places to live.Other important factors are proximity to a larger metropolitan area, presence of a college, and housing costs that are below $350,000 (with a few exceptions).Here are the magazine’s top 10 picks of cities that meet these criteria and the area’s median home prices.

1. Coeur d’Alene, Idaho: $311,700
2. Charlottesville, Va.: $398,400
3. Logan, Utah: $205,400
4. Blacksburg, Va.: $233,400
5. Burlington, Vt.: $378,000
6. Anacortes, Wash.: $347,600
7. Sarasota, Fla.: $423,400
8. Hanover, N. H.: $297,400
9. Manhattan, Kan.: $188,600
10. Ames, Iowa: $176,700

Source: Money Magazine (04/12/07)


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