Eating in Charlottesville (ca. 1784)

When you visit Charlottesville you will want to get a feel for the history and feel of Jefferson’s Virginia.

What better way that to visit and eat at Michie Tavern (A Virginia Historic Landmark)

Orginally built in Western Albemarle, this 1784 home was moved wilth-in minutes of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

You can enjoy a delicious southern meal meal, tour the original Tavern and on a cold day warm by the fire!

There is a lot to see and you can even learn 18th-century dances on your tour. There is a General Store and everyone wears traditional clothing.

The Meadow Run Grist Mill (ca. 1797) is a site to see. This is where the general store is offering an old mercantile atmosphere.

The Tavern Gift Shop offers a wide selection of historic reproductions and is fun for kids and adults too!

Stop by and have lunch while visiting Ash Lawn-Highland or Monticello it is a fine way to spend the day!


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