Cramer says…..Buy Real Estate (Charlottesville)

Last night I was flipping through the channels and I saw good old Jim Cramer on CNBC (I just had to watch him).
Well, I almost fell out of my chair, Cramer says “BUY REAL ESTATE” did I hear him right?
This might just be the catalyst we need in this great nation to get the market really moving again. Now I am not saying that his comments will move the market, but it is amazing how others networks will pay attention and start saying the same thing.
If we get more of the media talking positive about Real Estate, we will see great improvement.
Sellers, this is good news for you because it is not your listing agents fault that your home has not sold, there have only been a few buyers. As we get more buyers there will be a market shift.
Hold on for the ride!
Note: per my blog, Cramer said the same thing in Jan of this year…
About The Author
Charles McDonald, Associate Broker at RE/MAX Assured Properties and dedicated Buyers Agent is the author of this blog, and several other sites on the Internet. Charles and his team of experts in the Charlottesville area are always available to help you with your Real Estate needs. Call our team anytime at 434-981-1585 or to search for homes visit: Charlottesville Real Estate
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