Many will look at a situation (such as the Real Estate Market) and only see problems. There are a few that see “opportunities”. this is what I thought of when I first saw this photo… let me explain…
Most people will see the lilly-pads, flower or the water, but if you look closer you will see a huge goldfish!
Real Estate is like the lilly-pads that we all see… But below the surface is “Opportunity”
Will we look back in 10 years and see this as the best buying opportunity in our lifetimes?
One thing is for certain, time will tell….
Look through the lilly-pads for the “opportunities” they are out there!

About The Author

Charles McDonald, Associate Broker at RE/MAX Assured Properties in Charlottesville Virginia is a dedicated Buyers Agent, the author of this blog and several other sites on the Internet. Charles and his group of experts in the Charlottesville area are always available to help you with your Real Estate needs. Call Charles anytime at 434-981-1585 or to search for homes visit: Charlottesville Real Estate
Copyright © 2009 Charles McDonald, All Rights Reserved.

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