Will Builders Build again?

February 22, 2009

Well at least that is what our local paper the Daily Progress is saying…Read more

At a recent meeting of local Charlottesville Home Buildersan economist says that we may explode in 2010

here is a quote from the DP:

“Your market is not nearly as bad as other places in the country,” Chmura told the homebuilders. “So when the recession ends, things should bounce back to normal fairly quickly.

That’s the good news.

After reading the article I have to agree with many of the points. For one: the “McMansions” are in the past…People want more efficient, well built homes.

But I do disagree about garages… I still hear a lot of people that want a 3-4 car garage (I am included)


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Charlottesville Farms and Estates

February 9, 2009

Charlottesville Farms and Estates

Charlottesville Real Estate – The seasons….

February 7, 2009

It was 9 years ago that I moved to Charlottesville. Little did I know how much it would change things for my family and myself. Everyday I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful area of the country.

This photo (I took 2 days ago) is the view from my front yard looking down the road. With the seasons it is every changing!
Charlottesville Real Estate is the same. It is ever changing. Every home I see with clients I try to envision the 4 seasons. It takes some time to be able to do this but the rewards are endless!
I hope you enjoyed this photo as much as I did taking it!