Do you cut your own hair?

June 21, 2009

By Charles McDonald

Most people do not cut their own hair (of course some do… see photo) they go to a professional!

Charlottesville Virginia Real Estate

What I find interesting is that a person will go out and try to sell their own home without the use of a professional. This is a tough market and you need all the help you can get.

As an Associate Broker at RE/MAX in Charlottesville Virginia if I were to sell my home I would at the very least consult with agents to get a true picture of the market and the value of my own home.

Why? because I am to close to the product (my home). I have done improvements, that I think are of great value that the buyers (in this market) will not even see as a feature….Can you relate?

We can all use input from others and when you are talking about selling your largest asset, it just makes sense to talk to a professional….

Call a REALTOR today! You will save time and money!
until next time…


Love what I do

June 15, 2009

Today I got to do what I love to do… Show off Charlottesville Real Estate!


You see I have family visiting from California and we drove around and even stopped by an open house. Got to see a good friend Sybil Mahanes who was hosting the open house.

Life is good in Charlottesville!

Some sellers make me laugh

June 14, 2009

I have been on a little trip and one of my associates and I were just talking on the cell phone about Buyer Agent Bonuses while I was driving through Tennessee…laughing_horse

We both agreed that it is ridiculous to offer a "Bonus" to an agent that is already getting a commission. Why not just lower the price…

So here is where it got funny… I got back to my computer (I bring it with me of course) and the very NEXT email I get says….


I just had to laugh!

The funny part is that the agent sending this is a good agent and knows that these things are gimmicks and that the reality is that the price of the homes should just be lowered or give a credit back to the buyers…

My associate and I in Charlottesville Agreed that Real Estate "Bonuses" should just go back to the buyer….

No more games….Please….

NGIC Clients and new friends

June 14, 2009

First of all I want to say THANK YOU to all my new clients moving to Charlottesville and to those of you who will be working at the expanded NGIC facility. Also I want to thank the Agents who have referred your client to My Charlottesville Real Estate Group. As you know, my group of RE/MAX experts are always here to help you with anything from New Construction to Rentals, just ask!
A little more about NGIC:

Our area is growing to the North with people coming to work at NGIC (National Ground Intelligence Center).
There are several agencies that work with NGIC, including and not limited to the CIA, NSA, DIA and FBI.
Working at NGIC is an honor and we are pleased to have new members to our community who are coming to work in our area.
The NGIC Real Estate market is unique. We have homes from around 200K up to 1 million+. Depending on schools, driving patterns and personal preference will help to determine the best locations for you.

Here are a few of the neighborhoods that are close to NGIC (or try my expanded Map Search):
Forest Lakes     Briarwood     Hollymead     Dunlora

CLICK Here for Charlottesville MAP SEARCH

Let me know how my group of RE/MAX experts can assist you in your relocation?