Some sellers make me laugh

I have been on a little trip and one of my associates and I were just talking on the cell phone about Buyer Agent Bonuses while I was driving through Tennessee…laughing_horse

We both agreed that it is ridiculous to offer a "Bonus" to an agent that is already getting a commission. Why not just lower the price…

So here is where it got funny… I got back to my computer (I bring it with me of course) and the very NEXT email I get says….


I just had to laugh!

The funny part is that the agent sending this is a good agent and knows that these things are gimmicks and that the reality is that the price of the homes should just be lowered or give a credit back to the buyers…

My associate and I in Charlottesville Agreed that Real Estate "Bonuses" should just go back to the buyer….

No more games….Please….


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