What about those “Langoliers”?

What about those “Langoliers”?

I show a lot of rural property, land and homes in Albemarle county and Charlottesville Real Estate.

There are some areas in Nelson, Fluvanna and Greene counties that are seldom on the market. Before I drive out to these properties I like to give the listing agent a call and there is one question that I always ask….


What about those “Langoliers”?

I usually get a “WHAT” response and I go on to ask about those “Huge Power Lines”…. Are there any visible from the property… (Most Agents will not put a picture of a Power Line in the photos of our MLS. Why would they?)

You see when you are looking at rural property, power has to get there some way and most of it is not underground.

These large power lines are a real eye-sore for many of my buyers. Some feel that they are also a health risk.

So if I ask an agent about those “Langoliers” I want to know about “Power Lines” …

If you did not read the Steven King Book, or see the movie, you have no idea what I am talking about!


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