is your Charlottesville home “unbalanced” can it be “justified”?

By Charlottesville Real Estate

As I work with buyers in the Charlottesville Real Estate area, we ultimately get to the point of evaluating one or two homes extremely closely.

We look at current tax assessments as well as recent sales (which really tells a lot about a focused area).

I often get an email from the listing agent asking "

how the showing went and if we have any questions?"

if a home is of interest, I will often email back with some data and ask them to "justify" their listing price.

This is very interesting because if the listing agent just listed the home based on what the sellers wants, they may not have any justification for the price.

This is an "unbalanced" situation and it is likely that the home will not appraise, which will just frustrate a lot of people in the process.

When you list your home, do not be unbalanced!

Charles McDonald

Associate BROKER at RE/MAX Assured Properties, Licensed to sell Real Estate in Virginia

(main) 434-515-1585     (cell) 434-981-1585     (fax) 866-527-9526

Brought to you by that guy who sells Charlottesville VA Real Estate

is your Charlottesville home “unbalanced” can it be “justified”?


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