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October 23, 2010

By Charlottesville Real Estate

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For the absolute best way to find your new home in the Charlottesville area click on the photo above.
You can search by Price, Neighborhood, School, Town, area or Map Search
(all Homes are available)
When looking for Charlottesville real estate in the Albemarle area
I realized that buyers were treated wrong so I decided to develop a site
that has more useful information and not just a “plug-in” from a vendor.
When you look at the details of any Charlottesville home you will see school rankings
and also distances to UVA/Hospital, NGIC/DIA and the Downtown Pavilion.

Charlottesville Homes offer a wide variety of choices

March 30, 2010

Sure we have homes in the City of Charlottesville as well as the county but what I find is my clients often want to search for homes by school.

An example is a recent client was looking in the Jouett Middle School area.

Well as you can see, I have a “Link” for that 🙂

Oh and yes, we can search by price too in an area. as an example if you are looking in Jouett Middle School between 300,000 and 400,000 I have a link for that too!

Actually when looking at Charlottesville Real Estate I have a link for any school area at any price range, just ask!


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What about those “Langoliers”?

September 21, 2009

What about those “Langoliers”?

I show a lot of rural property, land and homes in Albemarle county and Charlottesville Real Estate.

There are some areas in Nelson, Fluvanna and Greene counties that are seldom on the market. Before I drive out to these properties I like to give the listing agent a call and there is one question that I always ask….


What about those “Langoliers”?

I usually get a “WHAT” response and I go on to ask about those “Huge Power Lines”…. Are there any visible from the property… (Most Agents will not put a picture of a Power Line in the photos of our MLS. Why would they?)

You see when you are looking at rural property, power has to get there some way and most of it is not underground.

These large power lines are a real eye-sore for many of my buyers. Some feel that they are also a health risk.

So if I ask an agent about those “Langoliers” I want to know about “Power Lines” …

If you did not read the Steven King Book, or see the movie, you have no idea what I am talking about!

First time home buyers of Charlottesville VA Real Estate

July 18, 2009

Should I buy? Should I rent? How do I get Financing? Who can I trust? What is Dual Agency?First Time Buyer

Questions, Questions, Questions

there are a lot of questions and you have just found a resource for all the answers.

Working with First Time Buyers is very rewarding for me as I get to help you in a new experience. We will locate the perfect area and the perfect place that you are comfortable with and can afford.

You will be introduced to lenders, attorneys, home inspectors, and it will be an education. What I want you to know is I understand that you have never done this before, but rest assured that I have.

re to consider:

When you are a "First time Home Buyer" there is a lot to consider and it can be overwhelming. Here are a few things you need to do and consider:

Get Pre-Qualified: Talk with a local lender, in fact before you purchase I recommend you talk to 3 lenders. This can help determine how much of a home you can afford. There is no reason to look at home that are not in your price range. With competitive rates you may find that the range is much different than you think.

Get a Pre-Approval Letter: This is a written commitment from a lender that will be used when we write a contract on your new home. It is critical in today’s market that we have this in place. By the way, some lenders have gotten me this information after a 10-15 minute phone call with my client. So this is not really time consuming, just make the call.

Get proper Representation: Use a Buyers Agent. someone who is truly working in your best interests and NOT the interests of the seller.

Wants and Needs: These are two different things and it would help you to make a list of each. Needs should be the things you must have in a home, like 3 bedrooms, location or an office. Wants are just that, things that would be nice like a 2 car garage or hiking trails, etc….

Staging is Part of Selling: Seller will stage a home to present it in the best light they can. You have to be aware that the home will look different with your furnishings. Keep this in mind when we are looking at properties.

Cramer says…..Buy Real Estate (Charlottesville)

December 22, 2008

Last night I was flipping through the channels and I saw good old Jim Cramer on CNBC (I just had to watch him).
Well, I almost fell out of my chair, Cramer says “BUY REAL ESTATE” did I hear him right?
This might just be the catalyst we need in this great nation to get the market really moving again. Now I am not saying that his comments will move the market, but it is amazing how others networks will pay attention and start saying the same thing.
If we get more of the media talking positive about Real Estate, we will see great improvement.
Sellers, this is good news for you because it is not your listing agents fault that your home has not sold, there have only been a few buyers. As we get more buyers there will be a market shift.
Hold on for the ride!
Note: per my blog, Cramer said the same thing in Jan of this year…
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